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Governance Structure

Guidelines for Committees and Co-Chairs

Committees are essential to the operation of CPATH – a volunteer non-profit organization.  Without the activities of our membership under the structure of its committees we would not have an organization.  We value the commitment and contribution (however big or small!) of each individual, as their collective actions are what brings about change. Each committee is approved and sponsored by the board per the bylaws of the Society Act.  Committees have two co-chairs and draw support from the general membership. It was decided in Toronto at our first business meeting that we would make every effort to have a CPATH member who identifies as a transgender or non-binary person act as one of the two co-chairs. There is no defined limit to the size of a committee.


CPATH Committee Membership Application Form


These are the currently active CPATH Committees:

Advocacy: Support efforts towards comprehensive, universal, public, portable and accessible (CUPPA) trans health care in every province and territory. In accordance with the CPATH advocacy policy, continue to champion evidence-based, non-partisan, advocacy for legislative and policy change, and human rights advancement and provide support to members as well as, local and provincial grassroots trans groups in their advocacy efforts. Formalize an advocacy toolkit and store in a shared drive. Support organizations in the development of trans-inclusive policy.

Community of Practice: Work to establish and maintain national communities of practice, organizing bi-monthly or quarterly tele/web conference presentations with Q&A, outreach to members and program maintenance.  Outreach to licensing organizations to ensure inclusive policy and remove barriers to trans* professionals/students.

Communications: Determine and implement an appropriate engagement and communications strategy, including social media. Update and maintain an interactive website, publish regular updates, and communicate a range of specific opportunities or requests for member involvement. Track, communicate and celebrate the contributions of volunteers. Ensure communications are in English and French to the greatest extent possible.


Conference Committee Members, Vancouver 2017


Conference: Plan and execute bi-annual conference focused on knowledge exchange and networking, including RFP to select a location, liaise with and provide support and oversight to local conference committee, call for papers, review and selection of proposed presentations, etc. Ensure accessibility of conferences and trainings, Develop and implement a program for bursaries and travel grants, Ensure physical accessibility and welcoming / non-intimidating space.

Education: Provide targeted education through a variety of mechanisms, Build partnerships with relevant professional colleges, accrediting and registration bodies as well as professional schools and training programs to incorporate trans competency content into pre and post-licensure curricula.

Translation Support: Assist the board with translation of organizational communication/documents from French to English/English to French.

Not all Committees are seeking new Members at all times. To express interest in joining a Committee, please complete and submit the form below:

CPATH Committee Membership Application Form