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Primary Care and Informed Consent Approaches in Transgender Health

Please note that this 2 day training includes the ½ day pre-conference training entitled: Gender affirming surgeries: Exploring options and post-op care


  • Participants will be able to apply an informed consent approach in assessing the needs of trans and non-binary individuals wishing to access transition-related care
  • Participants will develop their ability to accompany individuals questioning their transition or wishing to reverse some or all aspects of their transition.

Experience level: Intermediate, some experience in trans health recommended


This 2 day training is designed for all health and mental health professionals involved in assessing the needs of trans and non-binary individuals wishing to access gender-affirming care.

Many clinicians are committed to moving away from a gatekeeping role but still struggle with what approach to adopt that respects and prioritizes their client’s needs while considering the various potential risks to an individual that presents with a more complex mental health/health profile.


This training will focus on best practices from an informed consent perspective and will include the following topics:

  • Acknowledging and reducing sources of minority stress;
  • Supporting trans and non-binary individuals with greater mental health and medical challenges;
  • Challenging DSM and ICD classification
  • Defining “informed consent” in health and mental health settings ;
  • Addressing the needs of individuals wishing to detransition, retransition or who regret aspects or their entire transition;
  • Role and responsibilities of mental health providers;
  • Role and responsibilities of medical providers.




Françoise Susset, Psy.D. is a clinical psychologist and couple and family therapist. Her current focus is working with gender diverse children, youth and their families, and helping schools challenge notions regarding sexuality, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression. Françoise is responsible for the training and clinical supervision of many clinicians across Canada wishing to integrate transgender health in their practice. She teaches in the McGill University M.A. program in Couple and Family therapy and is past president of CPATH.



Andrée-Anne Talbot, MD. is a family physician with a degree from the University of Montreal. She has been following transgender and non-binary people in Montreal using an informed consent approach since 2013, and works in hospitalization at Barrie Memorial Hospital in Ormtown.



Other presenters to be announced.