Canadian Professional Association for Transgender Health

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As CPATH develops as an organization, so does its commitment to clear statements with regards to standards, policy, and positions.

Developed by committees and approved by the board, national consensus statements, letters, and positions are available to the health care providers, federal and provincial institutions, and members of the general public.

Specific questions regarding each statement should be directed to


Statement Regarding Medical Affirming Treatment including Puberty Blockers for Transgender Adolescents – WPATH, EPATH, USPATH, AsiaPATH, CPATH, AusPATH, PATHA Response to Bell v. Tavistock Judgment

CPATH Position Statement on “rapid-onset gender dysphoria”


CPATH Bill 77 Submission: Affirming Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Act 2015

Literature Review to Support Health Service Planning for Transgender People

New Brunswick Medicare Coverage for Gender Related Medical Care, Explicit Human Rights Inclusion and Sex Designation Change on Identification Documents


Canadian Council for Refugees Open Letter: Budget Bill Restricts Access to Social Assistance for Refugee Claimants


CPATH letter to NS Minister of Health and Wellness


CPATH Letter of Resolution to Minister of Justice Re: Safe Regulation of Sex Work


Lettre aux Ministres provinciaux de la santé, février 2012


CPATH Bill C-389 to Senate February 2011

CPATH Bill C-389 to Parliament February 2011


CPATH Bill C-389 to Committee June 2010

CPATH Human Rights Bill C-389 May 2010

CPATH Position Statement PDF: DSM5 and ICD11 (March 2010)

EGALE-CPATH Bill C-389 May 2010

WPATH De-psychopathologisation Statement (May 2010)


CPATH-EGALE AB Delisting April 2009

CPATH Position Statement SOC PDF 0609