Canadian Professional Association for Transgender Health

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Since CPATH formed in 2008, the organization has helped members connect and learn from one another. Member participation enables CPATH to continuously grow as a vibrant, diverse, active and strong national organization. CPATH has had a powerful impact provincially, nationally and internationally, including advocacy for policy and legislative changes, promoting education and awareness, and contributing to revisions of international standards of care. As a member, you are joining this strong national movement that advocates for the health and well-being of gender diverse and trans people. The strength of the organization is the growing community of members working together to advance trans health.


We want to ensure that the member fee is not a barrier for any 2S / trans / gender diverse folks. If you would like to become a member and the payment is inaccessible, please email with “member fee” in the subject line. 


Membership Benefits

  1. Opportunity to participate in and support a strong voice for trans health in Canada
  2. Vote for Association Officers and Board members (full members only)
  3. Discounted registrations at the CPATH conferences and receptions
  4. Regular updates including e-newsletters
  5. Participate in learning and professional development initiatives, such as the Community of Practice
  6. Contributing, at an organizational and systems level, to the well-being of gender diverse and trans people by participating in our committees and working groups
  7. Becoming informed about and involved in developments within the field of trans health
  8. In addition to our regular membership fees, members can choose to enroll for our expanded benefits. Please see our “praxis” packages in our Membership Fees document.



We are currently reevaluating and expanding member categories with input from a community advisory. Historically / currently these are the member categories:

  • Physician memberships and professional memberships are available to any individual who is a member of or is eligible for registration in a professional body or professional association and who a) provides regular DIRECT* provider to client health care (bio-psycho-social-spiritual) or b) INDIRECT** care, to transgender identifying or questioning persons. Full membership carries voting privileges within the Association.
  • Supporting Member is available to individuals who do not work in the professional disciplines listed above, but still have an interest in being an active member of the organization.  Supporting membership does not carry voting privileges.
  • Voting Organization is available to a formally incorporated or registered entity or an unincorporated community group or organization,  following application to and approval by the board, whereby that organization may appoint one representative to exercise its voting membership in CPATH. Such organizations are considered based on several factors including, but not limited to:  a) the provision of regular direct provider to client health care (bio-psycho-social-spiritual) or b) indirect care, to transgender identifying or questioning persons.
  • Group Memberships available to any clinic or organization involved or interested in the health care of transgender identifying or questioning persons. Each membership can include up to 5 individuals. An organization can have more than one membership (eg. 2 memberships of 5 for a total of 10 persons). Group membership itself does not carry voting privileges.
  • Student Member requires sponsorship and recommendation by a full member along with PROOF OF CURRENT full-time status as a graduate student in a program directly related to transgender health. Student membership does not carry voting privileges.
  • Emeritus Member is for current members of the Association who have been full members of the Association for the previous three years consecutively and are fully retired, making them eligible for a reduced membership rate.  Emeritus members carry full voting privileges within the Association.
  • Honorary Member is bestowed on one or more individuals each year based on merit for activities that further/have furthered the health care of transgender persons in Canada. Nominations are made to the board prior to each AGM. The board will consider these nominations and present a motion at the AGM recommending honorary membership(s) for that calendar year.


DIRECT* care is broadly defined by various disciplines and includes, but is not limited to medicine, psychology, social work, counselling, psychotherapy, speech and voice therapy, health care administration, and public administration.

INDIRECT** care is defined as supporting the wellbeing of trans-identifying individuals in their capacity as professionals and is limited to disciplines such as law, theology, and academia (masters level or above).


Membership fees are determined annually at the Annual General Meeting. Current Membership Fees and Benefits

Your membership fees at work

Most of CPATH’s funding comes from membership fees, although we do also secure grants for conferences and projects. Membership fees are the core of what helps us move forward on CPATH’s strategic plan. Membership fees are what pay the bills, enabling us to keep the doors open – they cover the costs of website administration, web conferences and teleconferences, occasional consulting fees, and much more.