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March, 2022

Greetings CPATH member or community partner,

We hope this finds you well. Please find below, updates on the interim board, the upcoming AGM, and other important links.

Board Update

We are excited to announce that we have appointed an Interim Board comprised of 6 members including a President, Treasurer, Secretary and 3 members at large! We are grateful to our members for their patience and contributions to CPATH as we restructured.

Over the last month, CPATH faced the sudden resignation of 3 board members. Their resignations were accepted and we honour their reasons for leaving. We recognize that burnout is constant when working within not for profit models and volunteer led organizations. 

The last board member’s resignation on March 8, 2022 left Dr. Percy Lezard as the sole board member responsible for CPATH’s sustainability and end of fiscal year fiduciary responsibilities. In order for the organization to do business and complete the end of the year we held two emergency meetings March 16th and 19th to discuss with members who were able to attend.

In order for operations of the current funded projects to be carried out by March 31st, and a new funding proposal be submitted for the coming year, and to act in good faith for the organization and in accordance with CPATH bylaws and the BC Societies Act, on Saturday the 19th Percy appointed Board Members to serve until the AGM April 3, 2022 when a usual nomination & election process can occur.

These new board members have been confirmed to be members of the organization in good standing for at least 2 weeks prior to the AGM and agreed to be appointed to the following positions:

President, Robyn Hodgson
Secretary, Elliot Chapple
Treasurer, Percy Lezard
And, 3 Members at Large:
Francois Susset
Howard Krieger
Seanna Goalen

AGM Information

We welcome you to join us for our AGM. We look forward to updating you on our work this year! 

AGM registration is required by April 1st. A zoom link and agenda will be sent the day before the AGM to registered guests.

Register here:

We welcome folks to get in touch if you would like to run for the board at the AGM on April 3rd, We are seeking 5-15 new board members who are excited about helping to serve changes towards being a more equitable organization going forward. 

We especially offer a warm invite to folks who are gender diverse and/or 2QTBIPOC, and have medical/wellness provider experience. If you are interested but not sure this is a fit, we encourage you to reach out to Min, at  Please also share this with others who you think might be a good fit.

Board Application info here.

Other Information

For more information about what has been happening, please see this recent update on the website.

You may also wish to refer back to the letter from the Board in October, if you had missed that (below)


October 2021

Dear CPATH members, community partners, and supporters,

The CPATH Board  greets you with good wishes for the health of you and yours. We acknowledge that you have not heard from us in a while. Here is an update on what’s been going on behind the scenes.

It was clear after the 2019 conference in Montreal that CPATH needs to make significant changes. At the 2020 AGM, many historical issues were further discussed and the new CPATH board committed to regroup and re-evaluate CPATH’s approach to membership, gatherings and engagement.  We decided to pause on planning a future conference until we can do better, and seek funding for next steps. 

In early 2021 we received WAGE funding [Women And Gender Equality: 2SLGBTQ+ Capacity Building fund] to conduct re-visioning and strategic planning for CPATH’s future. We are eager to share some details with you, and to invite your participation. 

Most importantly, in this process we want to address community feedback surrounding the 2019 (and previous) conferences – that there continues to be an unacceptable chasm between CPATH, and community members /  community-based partner orgs. 

Obstacles in CPATH’s organizational structure, policies and conference procedures have prevented Black, Indigenous and racialized trans and gender diverse people from attending or speaking at the annual conference, and from meaningful involvement generally. We understand these barriers are not limited to, but include:

  • The financial model of membership and conferences, historically, has required most presenters to pay to attend and present.  Although there have been some scholarships available, the cost has meant that those without these financial resources have been excluded.
  • There is significant labour held by trans and gender diverse community members and presenters in doing this work. To be asked to pay to teach increases the emotional and financial burden on community members.
  • There are many students, and unpaid/ underpaid trans and gender diverse community members who can’t afford to attend and meaningfully participate in the conference.
  • The planning of the conference has not always included local community groups and representatives to ensure the conference is accountable to local community needs.
  • The structure of the in-conference proceedings privilege dominant, ‘scientific’, Western, colonial ways of presenting and learning and don’t make adequate space for alternative ways of teaching, learning and knowing.  (E.g. Presenters have struggled to squeeze their rich knowledges into 15-minute panel-style presentations) 
  • CPATH’s membership criteria and board composition have not historically ensured accountable representation by folks with relevant lived experience.

With temporary funding in place to support next steps, we are launching this new work in the spirit of working in better ways with all of our stakeholders, especially Two-Spirit, BIPOC Trans/NB and all gender diverse people, care/service providers and communities.

The current CPATH Board is meeting almost weekly to do this work. We hope that you will continue or renew your membership, be patient with us and join with us as we work together to accomplish this difficult, necessary and important transition. 

To read more about specific activities – please see the WAGE project page on our website, which will be updated throughout the year.

An AGM is likely to be held in Feb 2022, exact date will be announced via the mail list soon. 

Ways to join us:

  • Guide us in the work! Please complete this survey on the future of CPATH. Survey will close November 10th end of day. Questions/comments about the survey? Email
  • Renew your membership, or become a member if you aren’t currently. (We are working to review and adjust membership pricing + processes, in the meantime if you face barriers to membership, please email
  • We are seeking a few new board members, in particular Two-Spirit Indigenous and racialized trans and gender diverse folks are encouraged to apply. If the application form is a barrier in any way please email
  • If you do not wish to be a member, but want updates about our progress this year, please click here to subscribe to the CPATH maillist.
  • For any other ideas or questions please feel free to email us at 


We wish you and yours the best of life and health in the days ahead,

the CPATH Board

Dr. Michael Marshall
Percy Lezard
Lorraine Grieves
Gin Marshall