Canadian Professional Association for Transgender Health

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The CPATH board is committed to organizational change that supports principles of equity, access and justice

As announced in our letter to members October 2021, we have received funds through the federal WAGE (Women and Gender Equality’s) 2SLGBTQ+ Capacity Building fund to conduct a revisioning, restructuring process for CPATH from now until April 1, 2022. 

We are committed to board development and organizational development activities including:

  1. Listen as a board to understand the needs and vision for CPATH, and strategize to be of best service to our shared purpose and our communities. Specifically re-centering voices of communities historically excluded from dominant conversations around inclusive and affirming 2S/Trans healthcare (eg. folks who are BIPOC/racialized, disabled, non-status, etc. Including, discussing the impact of centering “professional” status as an organization.
  2. Expand the board (currently we are only 4 people and this is not sustainable) – maintaining a majority Indigenous, Black and Racialized leadership and remaining 100% 2S/trans/gender diverse.
  3. Engage with our current members through surveys and sub-committees to better understand who you are, why CPATH is important to you, and your hopes and capacity to act with us in this work. 
  4. Grow relationships / partnerships with organizations supporting transgender health in ways that are collaborative and effective. (If you are a rep for an organization wishing to meet with us please email
  5. Work with a WAGE project advisory circle including Indigenous and other cultural Elders / knowledge keepers, community partner organizations and advocacy leaders – centering the voices of those most impacted by intersections of systemic racism, colonization, transphobia, ableism and other oppressions. 
  6. Identify further healing, retribution, accountability and action needed to address wounds from CPATH’s past. 
  7. Specifically, re-evaluate our approach to membership and conference policies, in particular inquiring with members and community about the concept, benefits and drawbacks of being a “professional” association.
  8. Dialogue and clarify CPATH’s role in education, advocacy and other key activities nationally, including how to build a more inclusive and effective annual gatherings and core activities to focus on in 2022-2025.
  9. Develop and participate in new mandatory training for board members on trans affirmative approaches, anti-oppression, anti-racism and diversity.
  10. Work on sustainability of funding to ensure we have the necessary resources to enact the new vision and goals that emerge, beginning in April 1, 2022.