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DSM-V Part 1: background…

The reports from the DSM-V Work Group on Sexual and gender Identity Disorders  are in! The larger work group was chaired by our Canadian colleague KenZucker from Toronto, and members of the Gender Identity Disorders sub-workgroup included world renowned clinicians and researchers.  Several of us were fortunate to have a seat on a WPATH working committee, one of many organizations asked to provide input into the contents of the papers listed below. Canadians are making their mark in this very specialized field!

Jack Drescher: Queer Diagnoses: Parallels and Contrasts in the History of Homosexuality, Gender Variance, and the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual

Heino F. L. Meyer-Bahlburg: From Mental Disorder to Iatrogenic Hypogonadism: Dilemmas in Conceptualizing Gender Identity Variants as Psychiatric Conditions

Peggy T. Cohen-Kettenis (Chair), Friedemann Pfafflin:  The DSM Diagnostic Criteria for Gender Identity Disorder in Adolescents and Adults

Kenneth J. Zucker: The DSM Diagnostic Criteria for Gender Identity Disorder in Children

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